Employment Equity Compliance entails the responsibility of organisations to ensure that all individuals, irrespective of their race, gender, disability, or other designated attributes, have equal access to employment opportunities. When an entity is classified as a designated employer, adhering to specific requirements outlined in the Employment Equity Act becomes obligatory. The primary objective of this legislation is to promote fairness and inclusivity within the workplace, addressing historical workplace discrimination.

Our services include the following processes:


  • Designating an Employment Equity (EE) Manager
  • Establishing and selecting members for the EE Committee
  • Active involvement and guidance throughout all EE Committee meetings
  • Thoroughly preparing and analysing the EEA 12 – Analysis document, as mandated by the Act, in close collaboration with the EE Committee
  • Crafting a meticulously detailed Employment Equity Plan with precise measurements
  • Timely submission of the EEA 2 and EEA 4 reports, as mandated by the Act.


These steps contribute to creating a more equitable society by fostering diversity and inclusion within your workforce, all while ensuring compliance with the law.

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